Online Patios carries a large selection of superior carport and patio products. High-quality exterior extensions can add value to any property and are ideal for homeowners planning renovations or builders who want customised components delivered fast and to spec. Create a look that is all your own with entirely customised carport and al fresco covers. You’ll have the ability to choose the size of the roof and the colour of particular components.

This includes beams, gutters and posts to receive a product that is unique to your home. These made-to-order products will allow you to build your home exactly as you’ve imagined it. Choose from many styles from freestanding to fascia or wall edged covers or opt for a flyover look for sleek lines and minimal disruption. Browse the full range to find a DIY patio or DIY carport kit for any style of home.


Online Patios has been servicing the Brisbane area for over 25 years and now offers an impressive DIY Patio Kit that you can order from the comfort of your home. Taking the hassle out of the process, all the components will be delivered right to you – all you have to do is build it. With a set of precise instructions included in your building manual, we guarantee that this will be one of the most stress-free assembly processes you’ve experienced. More affordable than booking a builder, your Online Patios setup is easy and will look professionally assembled once it’s finished. Online Patios’ team is recognised as the leading supplier of patios and carports to the Brisbane region. Products can be easily delivered to Brisbane and the surrounding regions such as the Gold Coast and throughout South East Queensland. If you’re looking for a DIY carport kit from farther afield, delivery can be arranged across Australia.


Queensland’s enviable weather is built for outdoor entertaining, and an outdoor patio is a perfect way to enjoy a warm summer day. Online Patios offers the best patio kits available, designed to allow you to maximise the use of your outdoor entertainment area. Providing shade for cloudless days or cover when rain rolls in, you can maximise your outdoor space’s functionality with a good quality patio. Offering online ordering for these DIY carport and patio options allow for simple and efficient delivery. In this range, any DIY carport kit will meet Australian homes’ needs and enable the cars to maintain their value out of the elements. Receive a full DIY guide to building your carport or patio with your delivery and be assured you’ll have a seamless setup process. If you’re looking for the best patio or carport kit Brisbane has to offer, browse Online Patios’ full selection or get in touch to discuss your space’s requirements.