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DIY Kits for Patios & Carports

Enjoy outdoor living and add value to your home with our large range of high quality DIY patio and carport kits. Customise the roof, beams, gutters, and posts to create a look that’s unique to your home.

Upgrade your outdoor area with our range of DIY patios and carports. At Online Patios, we believe in putting you in charge of your outdoor living. Our kits are carefully made to exceed your expectations, making your outdoor space a cozy area. Plus, with our quality products, you’ll boost your home’s value and create lasting memories outdoors.

Easy DIY carports

At Online Patios, we help you make your outdoor space great. Whether you need to shelter your car or improve your home, our DIY Carports are the answer. Our kits are easy to use and let you add your personal touch. Let’s discuss why getting one of our carports will make a big difference for your home.

Why DIY?

At Online Patios, we understand. You want a carport that’s not just practical but also stylish. Our DIY carports are like a blank canvas, allowing you to add your own personal flair. Why settle for a basic carport when you can create one that perfectly complements your home’s style?

Do it your way

Unleash your inner designer with our carports. You have the power to choose everything from the roof to the beams, gutters, and posts. You call the shots. Pick the colours and styles that suit your taste and make your carport unique. It’s more than just a shelter; it’s your personal creation that adds that special touch to your home.

Easy steps, great results: Building your DIY carports

No need to worry if you’re not a DIY expert. Our carport step-by-step guide is like having a friend by your side. From start to finish, our kits are designed to be simple and enjoyable. Building your carport is simple, and you’ll be thrilled with the outcome.

More than just parking

Absolutely, these carports are perfect for parking your vehicle, but they offer so much more. Imagine it as your stylish hangout spot for gatherings, a shaded area for outdoor work, or a cozy retreat to relax. A versatile carport opens up endless possibilities for enjoying your outdoor space.

Indeed, a stylish carport isn’t just about aesthetics – it contributes real value to your home. When the time comes to sell, a thoughtfully designed carport can be a game-changer, setting your property apart from others and potentially sealing the deal with prospective buyers.

Got Questions?

Don’t worry about diving into the DIY carport world – we’re here to guide you through it all. If you ever feel stuck or unsure about the next step, our team of experts is just a message or a call away. We’re ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have along the way. We know that starting a DIY project can be overwhelming, so don’t hesitate to reach out for the support you need.

We’re dedicated to your success, and that means more than just providing a DIY kit. We aim to make your experience not only simple but also enjoyable. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY expert or just starting out, our instructions are designed to be easy to follow for everyone. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and our team is here to support you every step of the way. We want to make sure that your journey with us is smooth and rewarding, no matter your skill level.

Ready for your carport?

Embark on your DIY adventure today and witness the transformation of your outdoor space into a place of style and practicality. Let the good times roll as you enjoy the fruits of your creative labor. And hey, if the DIY route isn’t your thing, we’ve got a stellar solution for you. Meet D&C Patios – team of professionals for turning carport dreams into reality. Each carport is built with precision and care.

DIY Carports that are fully customisable
DIY Carports that are completely customisable.
Imagine yourself sitting on your patio, perfect for unwinding after a busy day, or envision a stylish carport that not only protects your vehicle but also improves the beauty of your home. With our wide selection of DIY carports, the options are endless, limited only by your creativity. Customise every aspect – from the roof to the beams, gutters, and posts – and let your outdoor area showcase your individuality and flair.

Our kits are built with durability and simplicity in mind. Even if you’re not a DIY pro, our easy-to-follow instructions guarantee that assembly is easy. We know your home is an extension of yourself, which is why our kits are designed to blend with your space, adding a unique touch to every nook and cranny.

Suits everyone’s needs – a newbie or a seasoned builder

No matter if you’re a DIY pro or just starting out, our kits let you design a stunning outdoor space. Experience the delight of outdoor living with Online Patios as your guide. Dive into our range of kits and begin designing your own dream outdoor area.