3 Must Haves For Your Gold Coast Outdoor lifestyle.

We live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, where we can take advantage of the beautiful warm seasons almost all year round.

As Australians we are well known for our love of outdoor activities, the saying “throw your shrimp on the barbie” is famous world-wide when relating to an Aussie.

We Aussie’s love our food as much as our outdoor activities, but one problem we all face is the burning hot sun or the unpredictable torrential rain. So how do we get around this without forfeiting our much loved lifestyle?

D & C Patios have the solution… we have created and installed many dream backyard patios without compromising on style or comfort. We design, engineer and install everything for you, leaving you to sit back and enjoy your much loved lifestyle.

1. Roof for Your Outdoor Dining Area

If you live on the Gold Coast you will know it has harsh weather, we cannot ignore the fact! So you must have a patio roof to continue to enjoy your freedom to entertain outside. Raining when you have your family all coming for dinner and don’t have the room inside?

No worries, you can still entertain in your new and improved outdoor patio area. Your choices are endless for all spaces, flyover gable, skillion and custom designs. Even extending to the options of insulated or single skin, ceiling fans or dimming lights, everything you need to create the perfect mood for your entertaining enjoyment.  

2. Roof to Protect Your Vehicle

Do you have pride in your vehicle? Do you want to protect your assets? Then a Carport Roof is a must have for South East Queensland. These are no standard carports that we are talking about, D & C Patios supply and install Australian Quality made products that are tested and measured to withstand our weather.  You have the ability to have a roller door attached for privacy reasons, or sturdy timber beams to make that statement to your neighbors, no matter which design that you choose you have the reassurance of a 15 year warranty and the best possible protection for your assets.

3. Extend Your Home: Roof Extension

Gold Coast residents are quite lucky to live in established areas, whereas, nowadays houses are being built so close together you don’t have enough room to get down the side of the property. If you are lucky enough to have that kind of space, you must use it! Extend on your existing home by adding a patio roof to your existing structure, or even a free standing patio in the backyard. Turn your unused open space into an area that you enjoy with your family.

Ever wondered where to start? How do I get council approval? Stop asking yourself these questions and simply give us a call on 1300 133 381 and talk to our friendly staff about your dreams, then watch them come to life!

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