0.42 SINGLE SKIN: 4 X 90MM POSTS (N1/2/3/4)

Single skin freestanding shade structure kit list of contents:

  • 0.42 V-Line panel (80% high gloss finish) each panel is 331mm wide
  • 2 x 150mm beams and beam end caps
  • 4 x 90mm x 90mm powder coated posts
  • 3 x Barge Cappings & 1 x Gutter Fascia
  • PVC downpipe, uni drop(s) & fittings
  • Box Gutter/Stopends and straps
  • All fixings (pop rivets, bolts, tek screws)
  • Silicone
  • Concrete (if posts into footings)
  • Roof plan, Engineering and Installation Manual provided

If you require a different wind rating, please contact orders@onlinepatios.com.au so that we can provide you with the correct pricing.

NOTE: If you have selected “Posts to Slab” you will not receive concrete in your order but will be supplied with 3m posts and an appropriate bracket/plate to fix the posts to the slab. If you have selected “No Posts” you will not receive any posts, brackets, bolts or concrete with your order.


(Price includes GST)

Kit Content

Freestanding Shade Structure DIY Kit

Amazing 3 x 2.5m Freestanding shade structure – a solution for creating a cool and comfortable outdoor space for you and your family! At Online Patios, we understand the importance of simplicity, value, and convenience. That’s why we offer easy-to-use DIY kits that make you want to build your own shade structure without the expense of hiring builders.

Why choose Online Patios?

We make it so simple for you to make your outdoor living space even better. With our straightforward DIY kits, you can take charge of your project without waiting for builders or dealing with complex construction timelines. Our Freestanding 3 x 2.5m shade structure kit comes complete with all the necessary components and step-by-step instructions, so you can enjoy your new shade structure in no time.

But why choose a freestanding shade structure instead of a flyover patio kit? Australian weather can be harsh and unpredictable, making any kind of a shade structure a must-have for any outdoor area. Our freestanding shade structure offers versatility and mobility, allowing you to position it wherever you need relief from the sun without the need for extensive construction or permanent fixtures. Our durable materials and sturdy design ensure that your shade structure will withstand the elements and provide lasting protection for years to come.

Whether you’re hosting outdoor gatherings, enjoying a leisurely afternoon with family, or simply seeking refuge from the sun’s rays, our Freestanding 3 x 2.5m shade structure is the perfect solution. Improve your outdoor lifestyle with the affordability of Online Patios’ DIY kits.

Don’t let the sun dictate your outdoor activities any longer – choose Online Patios and take control of your outdoor comfort today. With our Freestanding 3 x 2.5m shade structure, you can enjoy the perfect blend of shade and style in your backyard.


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