0.48 SINGLE SKIN: 4 X 90MM POSTS (N1/2)


  • 0.48 V-Line panel (80% high gloss finish) each panel is 331mm wide
  • 2 x 150mm beams and beam end caps
  • 4 x 90mm x 90mm powder coated posts
  • 3 x Barge Cappings & 1 x Gutter Fascia
  • Extenda Brackets
  • PVC downpipe, uni drop(s) & fittings
  • Box Gutter/Stopends and straps
  • All fixings (pop rivets, bolts, tek screws)
  • Silicone
  • Concrete (if posts into footings)
  • Roof plan, Engineering and Installation Manual provided

If you require a different wind rating, please contact so that we can provide you with the correct pricing.

NOTE: If you have selected “Posts to Slab” you will not receive concrete in your order but will be supplied with 3m posts and an appropriate bracket/plate to fix the posts to the slab. If you have selected “No Posts” you will not receive any posts, brackets, bolts or concrete with your order.


(Price includes GST)

Kit Content

Introducing the Flyover 12 X 5.0M Patio Kit

Looking for patio ideas? You found the right place. Make your outdoor space better with our spacious flyover 12 X 5.0m Patio Kit, designed to turn your backyard into a cozy retreat. Whether you’re hosting friends, relaxing with family, or simply enjoying the fresh air, this patio kit provides the perfect spot for fun and relaxation.

Why Choose the Flyover Patio Kit?

The Flyover Patio Kit is versatile, offering plenty of room for various outdoor activities. Whether you’re having a small gathering or a big party, this kit has you covered. It’s great for creating a peaceful hideaway or a cool entertainment area in your backyard, full of inspiring patio ideas.

Lots of Patio Ideas

With the Flyover Patio Kit, you can get creative and design the perfect outdoor space. Make it cozy with comfy seating and green plants, or make it stylish with fancy lights and nice furniture. Whatever your style, this kit lets you create the backyard of your dreams with ease, brimming with exciting patio ideas.

Fits Anywhere

No matter the size of your backyard, the Flyover Patio Kit fits right in. It looks cool and works with any type of outdoor area. You can make it fit perfectly in your backyard, no matter how big or small, giving you endless possibilities for implementing your favourite patio ideas.

Strong and Lasts Long

Built with tough materials, the flyover Patio Kit can handle whatever Mother Nature throws its way. It’s strong and reliable, so you can enjoy it for years to come without worrying about it breaking down. Plus, it’s easy to take care of, ensuring your patio remains a beautiful space to bring your patio ideas to life.

Endless Fun

From summer barbecues to lazy afternoons in the sun, the Flyover Patio Kit provides endless opportunities for outdoor fun. With lots of space for seating and dining, you can entertain guests or just relax with your loved ones in your own backyard, full of exciting patio ideas to explore.

Shop our Wide Range of Patio and Carport DIY Kits

Shopping for different carport and patio products offers a wide array of options to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a carport to protect your vehicles from the elements or seeking a patio product to enhance your outdoor living space, there are countless choices available. From different sizes and designs to various materials and features, shopping for these products allows you to customise your selection to fit your unique requirements. Whether you prioritise durability, aesthetics, or functionality, exploring the diverse range of carport and patio products ensures you’ll find the perfect solution to meet your needs and elevate your outdoor experience

Transform Your Outdoor Space

Upgrade your outdoor living with the Flyover 12 X 5.0M Patio Kit. With its roomy design, customisable features, and strong build, this kit is the perfect addition to your backyard, offering endless possibilities for implementing your favourite patio ideas. Get the Flyover Patio Kit today and create a cozy outdoor hangout for endless enjoyment, filled with inspiring patio ideas to bring your backyard to life.


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