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Flyover Patio Kit Brisbane

The flyover patio, one of the most popular styles at Online Patios, offers a stunning look for those who are wanting make a statement in the garden. A flyover roof sits higher than a standard patio, allowing for luxurious high ceilings that will make your entertaining space feel roomy. Fastened using spacing brackets, this style allows for a breeze to circulate throughout your space and even into your home, adding a natural cooling effect. A new flyover patio will allow you to make full use of your alfresco area no matter the weather. With a shady spot to enjoy a warm day or a dry place to stay covered from a sudden storm, you’ll never have to call off another party. Drainage systems can easily be added to your patio to account for extra water build-up.

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High-Quality Flyover Roof

At Online Patios, we use only the highest quality materials to stock our flyover roof kits with. This means that the patio or carport cover that you choose for your home will be standing for years to come. Since these covers are responsible for protecting cars and outdoor areas from the elements, we’ve chosen materials that will stand up to the hot summer sun as well as wind, hail and rain. With an Online Patios flyover kit, you’ll feel a sense of comfort in knowing that your valuable belongings are protected. Enjoy your outdoor area without having to worry about leaking, breakage or early repairs.

Completely Customisable

Create a patio that you’re proud of. Our personalisation process lets customers choose their own size, roofing and colour scheme to suit their particular home. Choose from colours like Shale Grey or Classic Cream for a traditional yet timeless look or opt for something that will draw the eye such as Manor Red or Cottage Green. You can choose to mix and match or go monotone when you select colours for your roof, beams, posts and gutters. Select an insulated product for better soundproofing and protection from extreme temperatures. Once you’re done, you can select delivery straight to your door, and you’ll have a flyover roof that’s unique to your home.

About Online Patios

Online Patios has over 25 years in the industry and offers a premium service at affordable prices. We are offering a comprehensive range of DIY patio and carport kits as well as accessories. Using high-quality products and providing a seamless service for Australians to order their exterior building kits online, this service fills a particular niche in the market. You can select delivery for your flyover patio kit in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, around Queensland or Australia-wide. Online Patios is one of the only companies offering the opportunity to receive a made to order flyover patio kit in Brisbane delivered straight to your home.